Cuban Style Breakfast

Many people consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. Upgrade it to a Cuban Breakfast with fresh Cuban toast, a colada or café con leché, a couple of eggs with ham or bacon and you have breakfast for a king. At Cubavana Cuban Restaurant & Café we invite you to try our homemade authentic Cuban breakfast, not just on Sunday but every day of the week. For what you will spend at one any fast food place you can have a true made to order breakfast. Check out our breakfast menu below; we offer from traditional local favorites like El “FAVORITO” to more metropolitan options like homemade French toast. So, stop by and bring the family; experience for yourself what so many are saying about Cubavana Cuban Restaurant & Café on social media. We’ll make you a fan for life.


All breakfast items include your choice of coffee and choice of Cuban toast, white toast or wheat toast. After 11:00 am all breakfast items are $1.50 extra.

El “FAVORITO” – $6.99

Two eggs your style served with ham or bacon and home fries


Two scrambled eggs with your choice of ham or bacon


“HOUSE FAVORITE” served with ham or bacon


Grilled Steak to order with two eggs, home fries


Two eggs – choice of ham or bacon, two pancakes


Egg omelet with sautéed onions and potatoes

  • Maduros add – $1.00
  • Egg whites only add – $1.00

Breakfast Sides

  • Café con Leche – $1.95
  • Tostada Cubana – $1.50
  • White/Wheat Toast – $1.50
  • Café con Leche & Tostada Cubana – $2.95
  • Grits – $1.75
  • Oatmeal – $2.50
  • Home Fries – $2.75
  • Pancakes (3) – $3.95
  • Ham – $2.95
  • Bacon (3 Strips) – $2.95
  • 1 Order Eggs (2) – $1.99
  • 1 Extra Egg – $0.99